What is Chaotic?

Chaotic Logo 

Chaotic is a three pornged attack. It’s a card game, a TV show and an online game. It started off as a Danish trading card game. It then evolved into Chaotic: Now or Never, a precursor to the game we now know.

The current version launched in October 2007.

The core of the game involves creatures battling each other in various locations and equipped with fanstic weapons called Battlgegear. The game is set up in a pyramid structure on both sides. The first row is the biggest then the next row has 1 less card until you have a backrow with only one card. Or… 1 v 1, 3 v 3 and 6 v 6. You move your creatures to any spot on the pyramid and fight the creature in the occupied space using attack cards. If that wasn’t complicated enough, Mugic, yes you know it’s spelt like that by now, lets you use a wide array of effects ranging from healing damage to giving your creatures another element.

There are four tribes; Underworld, Overworld, Danians and Mipedians.

Underworlders consist of fiendish creatures like Chaor and Van Bloot. They specialize in the fire and power categories.

OverWorlders consist of humanoid animals and heroes like Maxxor, Intress and Tangeth Toborne. They specialize in courage and water.

Danians consist of ant like insects like Odu-Bathax and Lore. They specialize in earth and umm… well they have this power called Hive which increases certain stats by 5 for every mandiblor you control… o.0 More on that later.

 And the Mipedians are lizard creatures with the power invisibility. They specialize in air and speed.

I’ll make four posts that detail them more later on.

ChaoticGame.com takes card game online! You can play with other people and post on the message boards. It’s still in beta though so there are a lot of kinks and such but that is expected to be worked out by February when the game will come out of beta.

Chaotic the TV show tells the story of Tom Majors and his friends. Strong players receive a code to travel to Chaotic and play the game for real. The kids become the creatures and battle in the dromes. They can even go out into Perim and scan the creatures themselves for more cards! A major plot development of the show is the addition of Codemasters who are strong players with never before seen cards. It seems as if the goal of each player is to defeat them all.

 Well that’s my overview of Chaotic, from here on in, my posts will be focusing on one part of the Chaotic world. That means you can look forward to reviews of episodes and cards, deck building tips and any rumours and news relating to Chaotic!

I’ll try to update a lot so check in often!


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